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The 2016 Auction has come to an end!

Bidding was a wild ride of fun wars and charitable laughs as usual, but I'd like to thank everyone for such an amazing turn out this year. There was so much support everywhere I looked, it was truly wonderful and heartwarming. So thank-you all for another great year!!! And congratulations to everyone who won a vidder!

Now for the moment everyone was waiting for, drum roll please...*rumbles*...

This year we raised a whopping $5, 345 USD!!! & with the generosity of everyone here I only expect that number to rise in the oncoming weeks, so if you wish to round up your donation amount, feel free!

Please be aware that this years deadline for donation confirmations will be November 1st, 2016. I expect you all to respect this date unless an emergency has arisen. If so, I will be in contact with you and we can work something out.

P.s. I will be posting a video in the next few weeks explaining what will be happening to the site and confirming my donations I have been making.

♥  Jane


If you are a returning member, welcome back for another year! If you are new to Vidders4ACause please feel free to check out our About Me section which has a complete list of our rules, what the site is about, and how to sign up!

I am asked a lot; "Where is my money going?" Well that's up to you! No one and I mean no one is going to touch your money but you and the charity of YOUR choice! If any vidder here asks you for money I want you to come to me immediately cause that is not what we are doing here.

If you need to contact us, the fastest way to do so would be via a PM to myself which is listed to the left on the sidebar.

Thank-you guys! I am very excited to see you all back here!

How to Bid (Read Carefully)

Bidding is done by simply commenting on a vidder's page with your bid amount, you can bid as much as you want, as many times as you want, and on whoever you want before bidding ends at 11:59pm EST - USA on July 10th 2016 (So that mean bidding is still open for ALL of the 10th and ends exactly when the day itself ends at 11:59pm EST). Any bids made AFTER this time stamp will NOT be counted, so make sure you know what time it is when placing your final bids. After auctions end we will be contacting winners with who they have won and the amount they owe to charity, you will have several weeks after auctions end (November, 1st 2016) to make your donation and submit a confirmation email (which is an emailed receipt from the donation site to you) with your username included to I expect everyone to get their confirmations in on time, if you have a family emergency please try and let me know ahead of time. A small allowance will be made for more time.

Bids can also be made anonymously via PM to or using the Contact Us forms. If you are making an anonymous bid you MUST provide your name, username, AND the username of the person you are bidding on or it will not go through. All anonymous bids will be posted on the vidder's channel via our anonymous account. If you wish, you can remain anonymous throughout the entire process please just be in contact with us about it ahead of time. Just know that for fairness to public bidders all bids, no matter the amount, will be placed on the vidders page, even if done so anonymously by us on your behalf.

Important! Please Read!

If and when you are signing up to this website, it is solely and 100% your responsibility to update your account for future auctions. If you fail to do so and are bid on again because you have not stated you are closed for bidding I will expect you to follow through with creating the video request anyway for the winning bidder. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to remove yourself from any future auctions.


TWO things I ask of you all; please be aware of your own accounts. If you are not up for bidding, mark yourself as so. And vice versa, if you think someone isn't open for bidding this year, contact said person or ask me, I will try my best to investigate on your behalf.

And LASTLY, I do not have the time to erase old bids (same as last time), so take a second to glance at the time stamps before bidding as they clearly state what year the bid was placed. OR...if you are feeling magnanimous and wish to delete your own older bids, I'd appreciate it so very, very much.

 Love, Jane



Featuring Video Uploads!

We  have a place where you can stream your best YouTube video to showcase your talents to make it easier for bidders this year. It can be found up top in the navigation bar that says Videos.

It's really simple to stream a video to our site. Just click on the "Add Video" button and copy and paste the URL. We do ask that you limit your uploads to only a few videos please. So chose your best work, OR feature last year's auction video you created for your winning bidder! The goal is to simply showcase your talent as well as your fandoms so bidders browsing your page can get a better feel of what you do best!

If you Don't win a Vidder...

If you bid on someone and happen to not win, but wish to donate your bidding money to charity anyway we encourage and admire that!

Please don't think you're time was in vain, if you took the time to bid I want you to know how truly amazing you are and thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

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