Let's free ourselves from the mindset that there's nothing we can do. - Jane

What we do here

We are a group of video editors who have come together to offer our services for charity. The premise is simple, when an auction starts any person who is signed up and willing to bid can do so with any amount and on as many vidders as they'd like. When the auction ends, the highest bid on each vidder will win a video of their choice from that vidder! All money donated goes directly from your hands to a charity of your choosing. We will never ask you for money, if anyone on the website does so,  I urge you to come to me directly about it.

What we've raised so far.

During the 2011 Auction we raised a total of $1,450 USD, the 2012 auction raked in $2,200 USD, the 2013 auction brought in $2,950 and for the 2014 auction we surpassed our goal of matching the previous year's donations and raised $4,950 USD; giving  to DOZENS of different charities around the world!  

If and when you are signing up to this website, it is solely and 100% your responsibility to update your account for future auctions. If you fail to do so and are bid on again because you have not stated you are closed for bidding I will expect you to follow through with creating the video request anyway for the winning bidder. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to remove yourself from any future auctions.

How to Sign up to be a vidder

If you plan on volunteering as a vidder please take a moment to fill out all of the optional questions at sign-up and it will automatically post to your profile under the info section! If you are a returning member, these questions can now be found and filled out by simply editing your profile.


Rule #1: Any vidder who was bid on and backs out of making their video will not be welcomed back for next year's auction unless it is for a very understandable reason such as a family emergency, etc.

Rule #2: Any bidder who decides to not pay for the vidder they bid on will also not be welcomed back next year unless it is due to a serious and understandable matter. We take this seriously here and expect you to only place bids you plan on following through with.

Rule #3: If you were a vidder last year and have not completed your requested video by the time our July auction comes around you will be asked to sit the auction out. So please if you plan on volunteering again this time around, have your requested videos done by July.


First things first, we will contact the winning bidder and ask for confirmation of their donation BEFORE doing anything else. Any website will give you an email confirmation, simply forward it to us here: If you donated in person, let me know and I will discuss that with you.

Once the auction is finished AND I have an email confirmation of the donation from the winning bidder  they will be contacted by me and given the go ahead to start requesting. (If you request without donating or submitting confirmation you will be asked to not return to any future auctions.)

It is then up to you guys to discuss the request video. (Editors: You can contact me if you feel unsure the donation has been made by your highest bidder. If it has not been submitted I will be in touch with you within a few short weeks of the deadline for confirmation anyway. ) If there are any major problems, feel free to come to me, but I am hoping this will not happen as I have faith that everyone here is trustworthy and fair and will complete their end of the bargain. :)

And lastly, there is no set time frame I am going to put on your vidder to finish the project, I think we all know the pressures of finishing request videos, so if you want the best work from them be a little patient please. On the other hand, if a significant amount of time has passed and they have not even responded to you THEN you may contact us. Rule #3 still applies for our upcoming auction.

I wish all of you Happy Bidding!

Love, Jane


We are a non-profit organization who does not lay claim to any materials being used and are not seeking nor making profit for anything being done here.

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