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NOT PARTICIPATING THIS YEAR. I'm so sorry. I never made the vid I promised someone from last year but I do still plan to make it. However I cannot agree to make a new vid this year. PLEASE BID ON SOMEONE ELSE, not me.


I vid a ton and have been vidding for years. I love variety and I don't feel too picky about only vidding characters or only vidding ships I personally like. I like vidding any/every aspect of a fandom.

It's easiest for me to vid a requested specific single ship or character or whatever if I have freedom over the song (or if you want to pick out the song, I'd prefer if you give me a few different song choices. It's not required, but it might make my life easier.)

However, I have done specific requests before - meaning a specific song combined with a specific couple (including sometimes a couple I don't even ship) before, in the past. I can do whatever. I am not afraid of vidding slash or anything more unusual like any type of non-romance or whatever. I enjoy cast videos and vidding entire songs if that's what you want and all of that. I like character studies, family relationships, friendships, couples, cast vids, multi-couples from a variety of fandoms, multi-characters, multi-whatever (any type of multi-fandom), single-fandom focused vids, etc.

The vid I did for the bidder who won me last year:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> was a bunch of specifically requested couples set to a specific song that she chose. ;) It was easy because it was a multi-fandom, 25 couples included, and I actually already really liked the song she chose.

If you are the highest bidder, I'll let you request pretty much anything you want of me.

Please consider donating to one of these charities:

I highly support Foundation Beyond Belief. :P Too many charities also benefit a religious organization. I don't support any religions. Long story (which I'd be happy to explain to you if you're curious.) Foundation Beyond Belief awesomely finds good charities that have nothing to do with any religion one way or another.

Last year I bid a bunch, was obligated to pay at least $38 and won 11 videos from various vidders with that, and I ended up donating $50 (US dollars) to Cure Violence. I highly support this cause. ;) I found the charity through Foundation Beyond Belief, btw. Only 8 of the videos I won from people actually ended up being made: But they're amazing and totally worth the $50 I donated to charity last year. ;)

Of course if you want to support a religious charity or some other secular one that's fine too. Any charity is allowed, according to the Vidders4aCause rules. ;)

I love to vid both Fast (Beats&Effects) and Slow & Emotional. I can make a trailer for a fanfic or a variety of types of AUs or crossovers. Etc. Whatever you want me to do.

I can vid ANYTHING at all from any of these fandoms (single character study of a character you choose, single ship vid - or any combination (a crossover or multi-fandom)):

Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Heroes, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Kyle XY, Gossip Girl, Glee, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Brothers & Sisters, The O.C., Tuck Everlasting, Remember Sunday, Arrow, Teen Wolf, Nikita, Bones, Private Practice, Parenthood, Judging Amy, American Dreams, Once Upon a Time, Skins UK, Friday Night Lights, House M.D., Emily Owens M.D., Switched at Birth, Harry Potter, Everwood, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Castle,  The Office, Psych, 7th Heaven, Scrubs, White Collar, Life Unexpected, Joan of Arcadia, Desperate Housewives, Covert Affairs, Prison Break, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Pitch Perfect, Six Feet Under, Criminal Minds, Orphan Black, Faking It, Chasing Life, The Fosters, Saving Hope, Being Erica, The Good Wife, Finding Carter, Motive, Southland, Toy Story trilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, the 2 Monsters Inc films, Frozen, Tangled, and The Originals.

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Reply aliimagic
9:22 AM on July 11, 2016 
Thank you for bidding :) message me with your request
Reply CB94Production
7:47 PM on July 10, 2016 
Thank you so much for bidding on me! I haven't even been vidding, but you bidding on me convinced me to come back :)
Reply unfabalus01
6:49 PM on July 9, 2016 
been a sub for ages! disappointed you're not vidding this year but completely understand :) love your videos!
Reply vconversev
3:50 PM on July 9, 2016 
I also added it in my "about me", so you can find my fandoms also there :)
Reply vconversev
2:38 PM on July 9, 2016 
Thank you for the bid! I listed my fandoms under "info". If you have any special wishes, maybe i can do that too :)
Reply Arkengheist
12:32 AM on July 9, 2016 
Aww thank you for the bid :D now i wonder what you'd want haha, what kind of obscure fandoms do i have... ^^
Reply rockberryproductions
7:56 PM on July 8, 2016 
Thanks for bidding on me hun :)
Reply rockberryproductions
7:24 PM on July 8, 2016 
I'd love to vid whatever you have in mind, we have many fandoms in common so if you decided to bid on me I'd be happy to vid whatever you'd like :)
Reply xxinfinitefreedomxx
1:57 AM on August 16, 2014 
Yay! You won me :) :) I can't wait to find out your video request! :D We have so many fandoms in common!
9:31 PM on August 11, 2014 
WOW thank you sooo much for bidding on me! I'm excited to know your video request! :D
Reply jstitely1
9:07 PM on August 11, 2014 
It looks like you won me:) I am sooo excited to get to work on your video request!
Reply luvtheheaven5
12:19 AM on August 11, 2014 
Thank you so much, silvergrrrl and lbchatterbox - both of you. I'm so honored that you'd fight till the very end of the auction, through the last few minutes of it, both of you willing to bid over twenty dollars on me. It means a lot!
Reply silvergrrrl
11:59 PM on August 10, 2014 
Reply lbchatterbox
11:58 PM on August 10, 2014 
Reply silvergrrrl
11:58 PM on August 10, 2014 
Reply lbchatterbox
11:56 PM on August 10, 2014 
Reply 2words12letters
8:17 AM on August 10, 2014 
thank you for your sweet comment, it means a lot to me :D
Reply xxinfinitefreedomxx
12:17 AM on August 10, 2014 
Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I haven't received a message :(
I'm excited to see what vid you would want! :D :D
Reply LullabyProduction
7:36 AM on August 9, 2014 
Yeah never thought I would get so expensive. In the last two years I was worth seven or ten dollars xD But thanks a lot
Reply emm21ericcal
4:00 AM on August 8, 2014 
Thank you for the bid! :)

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