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38 years old
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YT Username:  Nicolchen84

★Editing Style:

i Basically use Internal Movement! Rather use Actionscenes instead of effects xD I LOVE to edit Fast beated & funny videos (also love to do CRACK videos and Trailer Recuts! xD)



Kuroko no Basket, Free, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Noragami, Ao No Exorcist, Attack on Titan, Pandora Hearts, Black Buttler, Arcana Famiglia, Guilty Crown, Cuticle Detective Inaba, Soul Eater, Legend of the legendary heroes, Kyoukai No Kanata, Highschool of the Dead, Blood Lad, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Strike the blood, Tokyo Ravens, Zetsuen no Tempest, Black Bullet, 07-Ghost, Nisekoi, Haikyuu!, Zero Tsukaima, Mekaku City Actors, Hataraku Maou-sama, Magi, Nagi no Asakura, Zero Tsukaim



*just LOVING THEM ALL!* :) :D :)

TV SHOWS (Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Misfits, AHS, Miranda, Psych & More)

MOVIES ( a LOT! so just tell me and i might be able to have/get it :D)

YOUTUBERS (Danisnotonfire, Smosh, Jacksgap & More)

THEMES: 80´s, 90´s, Dance, Action, Fun, Animation, Bollywood, Love, Horror

★Are you willing to do crossover or AU's?

depends on the story ;)


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Reply macrauchenia
10:26 AM on August 19, 2014 
I don't want to force you into AoT. I actually really like the idea of a general sports tribute. It sounds super cool.

That's funny about why you love Haikyuu, 'cause that's the reason I fell in love with it too. I had always played when I was younger, so fond memories flooded back after watching it.
I haven't watched Ace of Diamonds or Kuroko no Basket, but I don't mind if they're in the video too. I've seen bits and pieces of the shows around on Tumblr, so I'm familiar with some of the characters. Plus, the more the merrier with all these teams.

As for the song, I agree with you on a more energetic song. Probably my favorite artist for "exciting" songs would either be Fall Out Boy, Bastille, or Imagine Dragons. However, I'm pretty good with any type of music.

Thanks! :D I'm so excited about this!
Reply macrauchenia
7:20 PM on August 16, 2014 
I'm the happy one to have won you! I love your videos :D

Oh, man. I originally really wanted an Attack of Titan video, but now I see that you have Haikyuu and Free! as well. Uuuuh.
The indecision is killing me.
Probably my favorite thing about those three shows is the strong "teaminess" between characters. How about for my video you pick your favorite or so out of those three fandoms and make a general "team" tribute. Would that be alright? I can give you more specific options if you don't like that idea, but sometimes the most open ended requests can have the best results.

Can't wait to see it! :'D Let me know if you have any questions.
Reply xxKillerxGirlxx
1:02 AM on August 5, 2014 
--- Omg it cut off my comment too haha what is going on!?! :D But a beach vacation sounds fun I hope you had a good time! :D I'm glad you're vidding again -hugs-
Reply xxKillerxGirlxx
1:01 AM on August 5, 2014 
Aww see hun!? :D You totally got another bid ! :D That is great! I'm going to let that person win you :) Attack on Titan sounds EPIC.
Reply macrauchenia
10:22 PM on August 4, 2014 
Attack on Titan?! Ahh!
$9 :'D
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
10:33 AM on August 4, 2014 
haha wow those are alot of animes :D
I've only seen Free! - Ouran High School Host Club - Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) - Black Bullet.

But I plan on watching a few more that are in your list :D

I'm totally in for dubstep :D or Rock 3
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
9:42 AM on August 4, 2014 
haha ok :D
That sounds good :) 333
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
9:39 AM on August 4, 2014 
I would love to start something right now :D It's totally fine if you use Noragami :) I only have 1 episode downloaded haha :)
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
12:11 PM on August 3, 2014 
I also updated the profile on vidders4acause with animes I'm able to vid :D I really look forward to collabing with you someday! :)
Reply xxKillerxGirlxx
1:25 AM on August 3, 2014 
If you are back I shall start the bid at $5 :D
Reply xxKillerxGirlxx
1:25 AM on August 3, 2014 
:D Aww when I saw your comment I got so happy! I've always been obsessed with your videos and all :D I was re watching some of the vids you made me and I miss you :( how are you? And are you back as a vidder this year hun? :D
Reply optimisticrainyday
6:42 PM on August 2, 2014 
Hey! It seems like we never see each other on YT anymore. Hope you're doing OK. I miss our messages. *hugs* T
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
12:50 PM on August 2, 2014 
Haha :D
That sounds like fun! 33
I uploaded my first anime video to youtube too :D
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
12:37 PM on August 2, 2014 
All my favorites are on my animelist :D
Reply TheDarkestxDreams
12:19 PM on August 2, 2014 
You've seen Noragami!? 333
that's awesome! :D

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