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27 years old
Oregon, USA
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What a beautiful way to use editing to help people out. (:
Also, I like making friends, so don't be scared, hahaha.

YouTube Username: leecrew82

YouTube URL:

Editing Style: I prefer slow, peaceful melodies. I like to follow lyrics, and create stories and emotions through my editing. All videos I make carry a message or a story; I'm best with slower songs, and not jumpy beats or hard rock music. I'm able to make videos with lots of beats, but they usually take a long time; but I'm the person to go to if you like ballad-type songs with a deep message. (: Please let it be known that for religious reasons, I do not make yaoi or yuri videos.

Fandoms: Final Fantasy X; Final Fantasy X-2; Ico; Kingdom Hearts; Final Fantasy VII; Final Fantasy VIII; Finaly Fantasy XII; Final Fantasy XIII; Final Fantasy Versus XIII; Lord of the Rings; The Phantom of the Opera (2004); Dead Fantasy; A Walk to Remember; all Disney; Charlie St. Cloud; Harry Potter; How to Train Your Dragon; Pride and Prejudice (2004); Soul Surfer; The Mortal Instruments; Pendragon; Avatar: The Last Airbender; Instant Star; Merlin; Nine Lives of Chloe King; Switched at Birth; The Big Bang Theory; Twilight
(bolded items are ones I edit most often.)

Are you willing to do crossovers or AUs? I don't mind either, and I'd be glad to do them! I'd prefer if crossovers weren't something like a game/live action crossover, but that stay in the same relative genre. I can do AUs if there's a specific story a person would like. (: I would pick crossovers over AUs, however!

My Favorite Pairings: Tidus/Yuna; Ico/Yorda; Sora/Kairi; Riku/Kairi; Riku/Namine; Cloud/Tifa; Cloud/Aerith; Zack/Aerith; Zack/Tifa; Squall/Aerith; Zack/Yuna; Zack/Vanille; Tidus/Vanille; Tidus/Aerith; Vaan/Ashe; Snow/Serah; Hope/Vanille; Snow/Fang; Noel/Serah; Zack/Serah; Phantom/Christine; Landon/Jamie; Harry/Hermione; Darcy/Elizabeth; Jace/Clary; Simon/Isabelle; Bobby/Loor; Mark/Courtney; Zuko/Katara; Tommy/Jude; Arthur/Guinevere; Merlin/Morgana; Lancelot/Morgana; Alek/Chloe; Emmett/Daphne; Sheldon/Penny; Leonard/Amy; Edward/Bella.

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