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New Delhi, India
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V4AC 2016 Custom Promo Vid

Hey! I'm from India, and I love to vid. My preferred style is slow and emo, with clean editing and serious stories. I usually make AU / crossover vids (my OTP is Dean/Elena). I vid in 720 or 1080p using Sony Vegas Pro 13. I've been on V4AC as a vidder & bidder since 2012.

Crossover / AU: YES!

Slash: NO

Multifandom, Movies: YES

Bids on me

2012: $10 | vytakafly

Stefan & Caroline (Transitions Part 1)

2013: $70 | Annie Mai

Klaus & Caroline (Falling Slowly)

2014: $25 | Mandy aka dizzygirl760

2016: $45 | Jane aka ImNaturallySuper

I have donated

2012: US$ 362

2013: US$ 515

2014: US$ 507

2016: US$ 475

... for education of underprivileged students.

Playlist of V4AC vids I've made / won

YouTube: skoobie79

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Reply jstitely1
8:10 PM on July 13, 2016 
You won me! I'm so excited to do a request by you!
Reply Jane
2:10 PM on July 11, 2016 
You will DEFINITELY be hearing from me in the next few days..have a bit more work to do on this end...and by a bit I COULD mean a TON hahahaha *fear in eyes* Naw, I finished tallying bids, gonna update soon and emails will be all out by tomorrow if everything goes according to plan. Can't wait to see the art that's born from this one!!!
Reply lightsparx
8:30 AM on July 11, 2016 
Oh and let me know whatever you want me to vid hun :)
Reply midnightminho
8:24 AM on July 11, 2016 
Hey! Don't worry about it xD Thank you for helping other vidders with such generous bids! I think this is the last year of v4ac but I'm hoping they decide to do it again :)
Reply lightsparx
8:22 AM on July 11, 2016 
Thank you so much for the winning bid and congrats! :D
Reply EnchantedxPassion
7:23 AM on July 11, 2016 
Thank you anyways so much for bidding! and congrats for you too! :)
Reply sparksfly221
2:30 AM on July 11, 2016 
That's true and i thought i wouldn't get bids at all tbh. And then this!! This is so much more i ever hoped for.
But seriously! You can't do this to me hahah I need some kind of direction here xDD You can also send me a pm on youtube if you want, but i at least need the fandom haha.
Reply optimisticrainyday
2:26 AM on July 11, 2016 
I did. :) Like you, I had to bow out of a few and I was in a mini war that went down to the wire. I thought the counter ran out when I put in my bid (and the site kept giving me the oops page) but the other person had one, too. So, I think they won. Still, it was fun. :)

I won a few vidders I wanted (and one I want to gift) and bid on a few who had no bids, so I tried to spread my little nest egg as much as I could. I would have loved one from you, too, but we can't win them all and I know whatever Jane and you come up with will be great. ;)

I am very happy you got me, too! Haven was just a memory I had from previous chats. I didn't want to jinx it by directly asking what you wanted. I'm curious to know what you want. I look forward to talking with you about ideas and making you a video I hope lives up to your donation and faith in my skills!

I've enjoyed meeting so many people here, finding new vidders and making good friends, including you. Shuva, you are a great lady with a big heart. And, like many others here, you do this because you care. I love you for it. *hugs* ~ T
Reply skoobie79
2:21 AM on July 11, 2016 
V4AC 2016 Roundup:

Total Donation: $475 (unconditional)
Bids Won: $220

70 SunnyVids / Zoe
55 sparksfly221 / Anya
40 optimisticrainyday / Teresa
25 kindon18 / Kinga
10 jstitely1 / Jen
10 oftheproblematique / Ana
10 lightsparx / Eden

Gutted (in a good, charitable way) about losing:
Jane (to Kat / littleton_pace)
Aga (to Kat)
Leslie (to Kat)
(see a pattern here? haha)
Ola/Lean (to Mary Ann)

V4AC 2017, please, Jane???
Reply sparksfly221
1:58 AM on July 11, 2016 
Aaaaaah Shuva i guess you won me :DDD What an amount of money, i feel so honored i don't know what to say.
Reply SunnyVids
1:08 AM on July 11, 2016 
Congrats! ♥
Reply Crystalpumpk1n
12:40 AM on July 11, 2016 
Yep you won sunny but it looks like we both won an amazing crossover vidder this year
Reply SunnyVids
12:31 AM on July 11, 2016 
The timestamp shows at 8:59 for me, so I believe you won, but yeah, waiting for Jane would be the best idea. :) And yes! I made so many friends; I'm so grateful for this last year!
Reply littleton_pace
12:18 AM on July 11, 2016 
Sorry to nab so many vidders! I expected a last minute bidding battle with you like last time! Such a shame the site crapped out!!
Reply Lsdivoiletgreen
12:17 AM on July 11, 2016 
Hahahaha I lost some of my vidders too it felt like a genuine war for a moment there but then I remember this is all for a good cause so it's all good BUT BUT intense last minutes aka. the best part of Vidders4ACause, and yeah, I hope this continues, it's just an incredible initiative
Reply SunnyVids
12:13 AM on July 11, 2016 
Gosh, that was intense! I was watching while trying to do my own bids; my heart was beating so fast! You bidded higher so I believe you won, congrats! ♥
Reply Jane
12:12 AM on July 11, 2016 
*skips about* Heehee!
Reply optimisticrainyday
12:08 AM on July 11, 2016 
You got me! Yay!
Reply Crystalpumpk1n
12:08 AM on July 11, 2016 
Congrats on the win for Sunnyvids... I had been trying to see if could get enough money to get her by the end week.. But your fingers were faster then mine lol. Shes an amazing vidder glad to see you get her.... Being part of the charity each year you always donate so much and its amazing to see that!!
Reply Lsdivoiletgreen
12:02 AM on July 11, 2016 
Omg, no you didn't win me!! I'm exploding here on laughter (in a good way)!!

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