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Hello, darlings!

I'm taking part again this year, since I couldn't bring myself to not try my best to help. However, I want you guys to read my profile with care.

First of all: I would rather if, in the case of you being the winning bid for me, didn't donate your money to Autism Speaks. Why? Well, last year I was not informed very well, and I even donated to that Organization, but this year I know better; I don't agree with their views on autism and most of the money people donate goes to other stuff that are NOT helping families with someone diagnosed with autism. My brother has autism, and this is a very sensitive subject for me, so I felt compelled to say this, This is, of course, not mandatory; you are free to donate to the organization(s) you want, but this is just something that would make me feel better.

Now, about the videos I'm willing to make for you:

- A long multicouples video: It can be even 5 minutes long, if you give me a good number of pairings you would like to see. I have many fandoms, so I think you can easily give me 7 couples and I can make a 4 minute long video about them. And the more the merrier.

- A long multifandom video: Same as the multicouples. You would give 5 fandoms or more and tell me your likes/dislikes so I can make it as close as your heart as possible :)

- Multifriendships: If you give me a good number to work on (10+)

- Single couple video: There are 2 different scenarios here; if I like the couple, I'm willing to make them up to 2:30 minutes long. If I dislike the couple, I can only promise 1:45 minutes. Why? Because I don't want to left you hanging. I'm not saying that I wouldn't make a 3:00 minute long video of a ship I hate, but it would take much longer to finish and it would not turn out great.

- Multibadass: Only if the video is 1:30 or shorter.

No multicharacters, I really don't like those. And no character studies. No AUs, or crossovers (very time consuming).


Okay, I guess that's all. Check fandoms here:

I love you guys! Happy bidding!

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Reply optimisticrainyday
6:01 PM on July 10, 2016 
With my other bids, I think I shall let the lovely trio below fight it out for you. I'm sure I'll love whatever you make! Again, glad to see you here for the last one. Best wishes! ~T :)
Reply 2words12letters
10:12 AM on July 10, 2016 
Reply NewlyBrokenRoad
12:46 PM on July 9, 2016 
Reply terrilynn88
5:41 PM on July 8, 2016 
Reply optimisticrainyday
2:17 PM on July 8, 2016 
Hey. I'm glad to see you back for the last year! I let you go last time. I've got several bids out already, but I'll be back to check on you....;) ~T
Reply 2words12letters
8:34 AM on July 8, 2016 
$9 :D
Reply MundaneMuggle
12:43 AM on July 5, 2016 
Reply Sara93
9:43 AM on July 4, 2016 
Reply terrilynn88
10:38 PM on July 3, 2016 
of course! i love your vids :D i'm gonna bid again. $6
Reply lifexintechnicolour
6:31 PM on July 3, 2016 
Reply Ilovehertjes
1:43 PM on July 2, 2016 
$4 :)
Reply NewlyBrokenRoad
4:10 PM on July 1, 2016 
Reply SunnyVids
12:56 PM on July 1, 2016 
$2 :D
Reply terrilynn88
10:27 AM on July 1, 2016 
$1 :)
Reply hardbecks
1:58 PM on June 29, 2016 
--------- marking to show the begginning of year 2016's edition / disregard previous messages when it comes to your bids. please, and thank you.

lots of love ---------
Reply Julie Foxy
5:55 PM on August 10, 2014 
I don't want to anger anyone but I really love your videos so much so I'm going to bid $14 but if someone wants you more I will gently bow out :)
Reply 2words12letters
12:56 PM on August 10, 2014 
YES i'm still leading :D I'm SO excited! haha
Reply 2words12letters
2:09 AM on August 10, 2014 
$13 :D
Reply luvtheheaven5
12:56 AM on August 8, 2014 
I know hardbecks well from her participating in collabs I've hosted... but okay, optimisticrainyday, you can have her!! ;) Unless you too get outbid by someone else?? Lol either way, you haven't broken my heart. It's okay. The bidding wars are what it's all about.
Reply optimisticrainyday
7:38 PM on August 7, 2014 
I just found your videos and they are wonderful. We have many ships/fandoms in common, too. I've subbed. I'm bidding but there's a few people I know here already so if I've broken anyone's heart, let me know and I'll back down. I know how it is to have your heart set on someone and them go beyond your reach: $12. :) ~T

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